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The unique destination Madagascar, with its 587000 km2 surface, is the 4th biggest island in the world. This "African pearl" of the Indian Ocean lies about 400 km from the coast of the mainland of Africa. Madagascar has nearly 21 million inhabitants. They all speak one common language: Malagasy. French is the second language on the island.

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More than 80% of the nature in Madagascar can only be found here: it's endemic. It includes 19 national parks, 2 marine parks, 5 nature parks and 21 nature reserves. In addition to that, Madagascar has from April to November a pleasant tropical to sub-tropical climate. And the island has a coastline of 5,000 kilometers!

The hospitable


Madagascar offers diversity of culture and nature. Imagine yourself in Africa and Asia at the same time! The very friendly Malagasy people make your trip complete. And the biggest plus is: in Madagascar you don't have mass tourism yet!

Experience Madagascar

With pleasure, we present the unique flora, fauna and the diversity of cultures and people during your Madagascar holiday

Let you live the real Madagascar, respect the environment and offer an unforgettable memory of your Madagascar holiday! That is our goal at Mora- Travel.

Moreover, we believe it is important that the local population get benefits from the tourism income. Therefore, we work very closely with local guides and organizations. All our employees and drivers guides are our company Malagasy who evolved together with our agency.They know their country very well and have much to tell about it.

They all speak good French and most of them reasonably good English. Continuous professional training is our top priority.
In this way, we are able to offer you a wide range of travel: sporty, bivouac, cultural, budget, luxury, or a combination of all these variants.
We are proud of Madagascar,its nature, its culture and its people and show our hopes for this island to travelers. Our work is our passion!

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Mora-Travel has several years of experience in organizing tailor-made trips for individuals or small groups. Only let us know your needs and wishes, we offer you free personal trip proposal with prices.

Off the beaten track

One possibility at Mora-Travel is the mix between traveling and volunteering. Volunteering at a local organization and living far away from civilization, among the locals, is the best way to better know the culture and people.

Responsible tourism

Traveling with Mora-Travel means let the locals get benefit from the income from tourism. We only work with local professionals and organizations.

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