Come to visit the amazing site Macolline in Antalaha and discover its commitment for sustainable development.

Commited in sustainable tourism, Mora-Travel supports Macolline and its beautiful projects for environment preservation and local development. Macolline is a site located on a 10 hectares hill, surrounded by an amazing nature in the North of Madagascar. The site covers a primary forest, fruit trees and unique medicinal herbs. Enjoy a pedestrian tour or a ride aboard a dugout canoe through rice fields and brickworks, discover the malagasy tree species and plant a tree to participate in reforestation.

The botanical gMH and lamarieearden Macolline is also run by the C.A.L.A Association (Support Commitee to Lepers from Antalaha) to help former lepers in their  professional reinsertion. Thanks to this initiative, the forest was created, which became a “school” to learn environment protection. Macolline fights against the disparition of precious species  and creates employments through reforestation, producing vegetal materials and wood fuel. Macolline also organize different activities to sensibilize people to the wealth of their natural environment.

In this unique site, you will as well have the opportunity to see the “clerodendrum kamhyoae”, a beautiful plant discovered by Macolline’s founder Marie-Hélène herself and which shows its wonderful flowers from April to June.  Follow this link to know more about Macolline.



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