Madagascar Sailing tours

Like a sailor, discover the country in an original way with our Madagascar Sailing Tours 

You can choose different ways to enjoy this Madagascar sailing tours.  If you want to almost live like malagasy people, experience a trip on an authentic wooden sailing boat. If you prefer something more comfy, embark on a modern catamaran. Sleep on the boat rocking by the rhytm of the waves , or camp ashore in a unique environment. Explore the endemic fauna and flora and the magnificent seabed of the big Island. With the Madagascar Sailing Tours, experience and explore unique parts of the island that can’t be reached by land: very special!

Contact us to organize your tailored sailing tour or book one of our two tours: Sailing aboard a goelette on the north of Madagascar or Sailing and camping in the South of Nosy-Be

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Madagascar River tours

Leave the car and go on our Madagascar river tours !

With the Madagascar River Tours, the expression “travel off the beaten tracks” really means it. During those river tours, you will leave the roads to enjoy a peacefull navigation on the  Big Island waters.

The island of Madagascar has a number of rivers on which trips with canoes or authentic modern canoes can be made. One river also has the possibility to be done with a motor boat. Discover Madagascar from an original boat, enjoying an exceptional view. Beside navigation, on most of our tours, you have the opportunity to hike through a wonderful vegetation and villages, visiting endemic animals and welcoming local population. Heading to the most popular places of Madagascar by canoe is a memorable activity and camping on the banks of a river is an experience in itself.

Have a look at our River Tour Manambolo, an excellent trip to visit the most popular places of Madagascar in an original way. You will leave the boat to visit the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park,  to cross the Baobab Alley in Morondava, and to trek in the backland of the country. With this tour, you will discover the unique and endemic flora and fauna of the Big Island.

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Madagascar Classic Tours

Madagascar Classic tours

Discover the most popular places of the island with the Madagascar Classic Tours

There are some things you can only see and experience in Madagascar. Madagascar Classic tours are tours that give you a general picture of the country’s diversity. They lead you to some places you probably already heard of : National Road n°7, Baobab Avenue, Andasibe National Parks, Isalo National Parks, Nosy Be Island…

With our Madagascar Classic Tours, you will discover the must-seen places of the country. But classic does not mean not original! In Madagascar, there are a big number of different natural parks for all wishes. and not too many domestic flights. In addition, these tours are possible with either middle class or more luxurious hotels. These classic tours are possible for just about everyone. Have a look at our Madagascar famous RN7 tour or our Madagascar Highlight tour, you can either directly book for one of this tour or get inspired and design your own tailor-made trip with us.



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Madagascar Luxury tours

Enjoy our Madagascar luxury tours in a country  owning a 5 stars nature!

As far as luxury travel is concerned, Madagascar Luxury Tours offer some selected trip proposals. But still, do never forget that being qualified as a land of endemism, it is rather its nature that offers you all its wealth and beauty. We provide you a gorgeously modern and spacious catamaran to fully enjoy this natural rarity with comfort.  Beside the boat excursion, you have many activities. You can walk through coastal forests and spend some nights in a luxury forest lodge in the Masoala region. Adventure yourself in the south east part aboard a luxury kayak or discover some luxuries among the dry area of the deep south, home of spiny and deciduous forests.

If you travel in family, do not miss this Madagascar Family Luxurious Adventures Package. It is the opportunity to spend some nights in the unspoiled lands in the South of Madagascar. You can also cruise and enjoy your Holiday on a Luxury Catamaran and enjoy turquoise lagoons, white sandy beaches, volcanic islets, enchanting sea floor and being amazed by breathtaking geologic settings.

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Madagascar biodiversity tours

Experience the wealth of the big island nature with our Madagascar biodiversity tours!

In these Madagascar biodiversity tours, you will not spend most of your time on the road! The asset of those tours is that you are as much as possible within the national parks. The best way to discover fauna and flora of Madagascar wildlife is both day and night, so you often sleep in simple shelters or camp in the middle of the nature. Nature lovers will enjoy those biodiversity tours, discovering many endemic species, wandering in rainforest and primary forest of Madagascar.

With the Madagascar Wildlife Tour , combine one of the most beautiful places of Madagascar such as the sea “mer d’Emeraude”, impressives baobabs and unique Tsingy rocks, discovering the endemic fauna and flora of Madagascar.

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Madagascar Trekking tours

As a nature destination, doing Madagascar Trekking Tours is almost an obligation. 

Our Madagascar Trekking Tours is the best way to discover the wealthy unrivalled beauty of Madagascar’s nature is by exploring the unspoiled nature. Adventure yourself in the heart of Madagascar, discover endemic animals, encounter welcoming local population, cross impressive rocks and explore rainforest or primary forest…Our trekking tours are meant for seasoned hikers who are used to long and heavy  walks. These hikes often go right through the national parks or the backland. Therefor the nights are often passed  in rural villages experiencing the Malagasy way of life or camping enjoying the sound of the nocturnal life in the heart of a National Park.

These hikes are always with an experienced local guide and there are  always  carriers for the luggage.

Have a look at our Madagascar Trekking along the RN7 . If you prefer a more original route, explore the North-East Peninsula of Madagascar: discover the secrets places in the Masoala National Park, awake your sense of smell wandering in beautiful vanilla, banana and coffee plantations .

If you are a smaller walker you have many other ways to discover the country, with easier but still amazing hikes. You can also contact us to organize your exclusive tailor made tour.



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Madagascar Bike Tours

Madagascar Bike Tours

Avoid the speed of cars and enjoy our Madagascar Bike Tours!

What a wonderful way to visit the island with our Madagascar Bike Tours! Taking time to explore the country, on a bicycle, feeling the tropical air while admiring astonishing sceneries…it’s a sensation you will never forget!

Our Madagascar bike tours are guided by an experienced guide. During those bike tours, you ride to the best places of Madagascar, taking time to admire the landscape from the road: small villages, rice fields, imposive mountains…

Beside biking, you will enjoy many outoor activities, trekking and resting on the beach. As not all the roads in Madagascar can be done by bike, you will alternate the travel with a selection of cycling days and car, an opportunity to rest a little from cycling.

Our Packages

Check our Bicycle tour along RN7 if you want to hit the road of the most famous road of Madagascar. It is a totally different experience to hit this road by bicycle than by car. You will have time to encounter local people passing through their villages and discover their culture and way of life.

The Bicycle tour to Sainte-Marie is a good option if you want to end up your trip in one of the most amazing island of Madagascar. But the destination is not the only asset. During this trip, you discover lakes, rainforest and of course the endemic fauna and flora of the country.

For those whom are keen of adventures, you must enjoy our 19 days Bike Challenge Tour from Antsirabe to the South Coast of the Big island. It is the more complete itineraries. During this tour, you go to the famous Baobab Alley, you hike in the impressive Andringitra massif and the Isalo National park. And last but not least, you relax in the beautiful Ifaty beach at the end of your trip.

Usually, those tours are organized in groups, but if you want a private tour, do not hesitate to contact us.

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