This trip is ideal if you want to get an overall picture of Madagascar where diversity plays a major role.

You are traveling from the Capital to the East direction through the RN7 for 15 days. You will visit a national park, one of the most famous rainforest, the Andasibe / Perinet park. Here lives the largest lemur of Madagascar : the Indri.

After this discovery, you travel back accross the capital ; and then  further towards the South along  the National Road N° 7 to Tulear, a city on the west coast and located about 900 km from the capital.During your journey, you will first have the feeling to be in Asia, on the high plateau between the rice fields, then through rainforest .After that, the savanna / dry steppe-like area to reach the coast, where you entirely feel to be in Africa.

On this road,  you still have the opportunity to visit two other national parks, Ranomafana and Isalo, as well as 2 private parks : the park « Anja », known for the ring-tailed lemur and the « Spiney Forest park » near the coast, where you will see all kinds of baobab trees and other specific trees and plants of the South of Madagascar.

A nice stay and relax on seaside make this trip to Madagascar on RN7 15 days complete.


• This trip can be made individually or in a group;

• Possible for everyone, including families with children;

• Depending on your needs, hotels may be changed from basic to luxury

• Price for 2 persons : from 1100 euros per person (excluding flights) and for  4 persons : from 820 euros per person (without flights)


• Rainforest with the Indri Indri (the largest lemur)

• Dry Forest with canyons and natural “swimming pool

• No Baobab Allee but Baobab trees in Spiny Forest

• Endemic flora and fauna

• Very diverse landscapes, from rainforest to dry forest, rice fields to savannas …

• Contact with local people, farmers’ everyday life

• Beach closure