If you really want something unique to Madagascar and also wish to go to almost “unknown” and “untouched” area ; if you want to relax and want to live completely with the rhythm of the waves and the sand ; if you like camping, sailing,and are aware that simple and delicious “natural” food is important ; if you like swimming and enjoy tremendously beautiful beaches, then this tour is right for you! Highly recommended! Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even back to basics!

It is a sailing trip on the “Boutre” or “authentic wooden pirok  with sails and a balance beam on one side” (for less than 10 persons the piroks) in the south of Nosy-Be island. The exact direction will be determined by the wind. This point will be discussed during a briefing session the night before.

You can make a tour from 2 to 10 days!

Ask us for an example of a day description.


  • This trip can be made individually but also in groups;
  • An ideal trip for anyone who wants to relax completely and wish to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the day> back to basics and be guided by the nature
  • This tour is only offered with simple camping, since there are no hotel accomodation in this region.
  • Snorkeling equipments are avalaible ; no possibility of diving
  • Price for 2 people : 165 euros per person / day (without flights) ; from 3 persons : from 130 euros per person / day (excluding flights)


  • Huge and beautiful snorkeling area
  • Wonderful coasts and beaches
  • Small villages rarely visited by tourists
  • Endemic flora and fauna
  • Relax !