Discover the countryside and parks of Madagascar by walking / hiking!

After this trip, you will exactly understand why Madagascar is called a mini continent.

This trip was created for real walkers, who prefer to discover everything quietly and with much time instead of running as “faster” from the car ;  also for those who  like walking  and adventure. In this journey, there is also a  trip of 2.5 days on the Tsiribihina river and aboard a motorized boat. In total, this trip lasts 22 days and 21 nights, but you can of course take some inspiration from it, then go to and fill in our trip custom applications.

During this journey, we offer you  three different trekking tours including camping nights and and one night in a local “gite rural” (cottage). You will hike through the Isalo National Park during 3.5 days and 3 nights ; with an average walk about 6 hours a day and at a reasonable height. Isalo park is characterized by its unique sandstone formations and its dry steppe-like region.

Then, another trekking tour in another region, during which the ascent of the Pic Bobby (2658 m high), one of the highest mountains of Madagascar at the Andringitra National Park. This second trekking tour lasts 2.5 days with 2 nights camping, including  pretty much up and down paths with an average walk of 8 hours a day (the heaviest ) if the ascent of the Pic Bobby stays in the program. By the way,this is the most mountainous area of the RN 7.

One of the most special event during this tour is that you will be taken by an old train from Sahambavy (near Fianrantsoa) to Andrambovato , a small village where you begin your trekking through the rainforest of Ranomafana .You will then walk through small villages of  the “Tanala” tribes (forest dwellers), who still live with their own customs and habits, and still have the king of the villages ! This tour is a very special trekking through the rainforest and lasts 3.5 days and 3 nights.

You program will then end with the Tsiribihina river tour from Miandrivazo to Belo sur Tsiribihina.2.5 days sailing on this beautiful river and which leads you to the “Land of the baobab trees”. From Belo sur Tsiribihina, you will be transferred by 4WD to Morondava, during which you will drive through and stop at the famous Baobab Alley.A beach stay at Morondava will be the final closing of this memorable trip before you fly back to the capital .


  • This trip can be made individually or in small groups, till 8 people
  • This trekking tour is possible for everyone who can walk well during 6 to 8 hours per day
  • The best season for this tour: April to November
  • During this journey, there is a lot of camping nights which cannot be replaced by hotel overnight stays
  • Price based on 2 persons : from 2190 euro per person (excluding flights), from 3- 6 persons : from 1735 euros per person ; and from 7 persons : 1440 euro per person (without flights).


  • Visit of  three national parks: Ranomafana, Ranohira and Andringitra,.All of them will be visited intensively.
  • Ascent of the Pic Bobby at the Andringitra National park
  • Visit of the Tanala tribe, trekking through “their” country
  • Endemic flora and fauna (certainly many lemurs and chameleons)
  • Contact with locals widely, as much as possible
  • Stop at the Baobab Alley
  • River cruise on the Tsiribihina