This trip is suitable only for very experienced hikers, a real expedition. This tour runs during 6 days and 5 nights from Maroantsetra to Antalaha, where you have to walk  between 15 and 25 km every day. You hike across a wide variety of substrates, but also through / over rivers and along the coast (sand and water), which makes this tour difficult. You have in total  5 camping nights, 4 in the nearby villages and 1 in the Masoala National Park. English speaking guide, cook and porters will come with you … this trekking tour is extremely well supervised. To begin with,and  near Maroantsetra, you will be transferred by boat across a river before you start trekking along the coast and river in the direction of the Masoala National Park, primary rainforest. The following days will be dominated by rainforest until you start your descent to the East Coast .Then, back through more villages and eventually,trekking through beautiful vanilla, banana and coffee plantations.

This expedition will show you the diversity of Madagascar and the overwhelming nature are exceptional, but it must be said that this is really a difficult journey.


  • This trip can be made both individually or in a group till 15 people;
  • This trekking tour is only possible for very experienced hikers
  • The best season for this trip: September to December
  • Trekking tour based on camping accomodation
  • Price based on 2 people : from 850 euros per person (excluding flights) ; from 4 persons : from 695 euro (without flights)


  • A true trekking expedition
  • Primary rainforest
  • Coastal region
  • Endemic flora and fauna
  • Contact with locals: habits and customs
  • Region where the vanilla of Madagascar comes from, surely the world’s best vanilla.