Discover the treasures of the wayward features of Madagascar in this photo journey by Mora-Travel. 

We will take you to some of the very diverse and photogenic spots on this red island in the Indian Ocean. The itinerary is specifically focused on photography. That means: time to discover, practice, and learn and to enjoy this amazing country.

You will meet the smiling locals and happy children thronging in front of your lens. You hunt lemurs with the camera ready. And how you take an original picture of the giant Baobab? The landscape is varied, the cultural resources are inexhaustible and not to mention the many kinds of flora and fauna that are found nowhere else in the world.

Discover and Develop

Using themes, you are encouraged to discover and develop your photographic skills.

You being central as a photographer. How do you create tension in a photograph? Learn to play with your position. Discover what depth does. Develop your photographic eye. How do you work with people? What is possible with (artificial) light? Expand your horizons and get inspired by working with others. There is also ample opportunity and freedom to go off by yourself. This trip is a combination of photography, learning and discovery, but it is a paramount that you enjoy what you do..

Themes we will work with:

  • Portrait
  • Daily life
  • Landscape
  • Flora and fauna
  • Natural & artificial light

Your guides during this unique travel photos are:

Bob Huisman:  www.bobvision.nl
Fleur Schiffelers

Notes :

  • Unique trip for anyone wanting to learn and wish more shooting
  • Quieter traveling rhythm for having time and attention to nature, people and the environment
  • Perfect accompaniment service


  • Discover the unique Masoala National Park
  • Baobab Alley, an unique photo location
  • Be among the farmers in the hinterland of Antsirabe
  • Photography
  • Endemic flora and fauna
  • Culture and contact with locals

Download here the complete tour description!