Dear travelers,

We have entered an unprecedented situation with the drastic, but comprehensive measures that are taken worldwide to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Mora-Travel will do everything we can to help our travelers in these exceptional circumstances as best as possible, where the health and safety of our country, our travelers and our employees comes first.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to give an exact date when the trips can be performed again, but we are busy preparing for when that time will come. Also from the point of view that tourism can be saved by postponing a trip instead of canceling it, we try to get through this uncertain time as well as possible.

We maintain close contact with customers who have planned a trip. Customers who already have booked a trip via Mora Travel will be contacted at least one month before departure. If it is not possible to make the trip to Madagascar, we look for a solution together with our customers.

If you are interested in making a trip to Madagascar with Mora Travel, do not hesitate and contact us! With the same service as before, we are ready to already discuss the different possibilities for when travel will be possible again. We can be reached by telephone, but also by email and via the website.

Postpone, don’t cancel!


Team Mora- Travel