Enjoy a few of the reviews from our beloved travellers.

  • Ingrid & RenĂ©

    We enjoyed the beautiful island for four weeks. The people, the very special nature, the animals and the excellent guidance our way. Mora Travel has arranged everything very well. Thanks Mora Travel!

  • Jean-Paul & Family

    Madagascar is beautiful, friendly, interesting, different and safe for the whole family.

  • Marc & Anne

    We had a truly unforgettable trip! We enjoyed the different national parks, special flora and fauna (and roads ...) and the hospitable Malagasy. We want to thank you and all your colleagues for arranging the trip!

  • Bob & Fleur

    According to our wishes, Mora-Travel gave us various options, sometimes more than we expected .Mora Travel prepared our trip as much as possible. Monique at Mora-Travel knows the country like no other. Her expertise and personal attention resulted in an unforgettable experience. A journey which included everything : the pleasant accommodation to professional drivers, the smart route to inspiring guides. We have Madagascar in our hearts. A country where there is still much to discover.