Madagascar: King Julien’s kingdom

Madagascar is the kingdom of the lemurs; these animals aren’t found anywhere else in the world. The films Madagascar and Madagascar II give you a nice first impression of what you can encounter in Madagascar. On the other hand, the films immediately put you on the wrong track: there are no lions, zebras and giraffes … Read more

Majunga hides an unknown heritage

Let us tell you about the pretty city of Flowers, Majunga, which smells like flowers, sun and sea. One of the most popular cities during the holiday season. Although very popular amongst locals and tourists, the international tourists turn mor often to the northern part of Madagascar. They don’t know that Majung has mora that … Read more

Discover the rare blue-eyed lemur in the wild

During our trip through the north of Madagascar, one animal species should not be missed: the highly endangered blue-eyed lemur (blue-eyed black lemur). After a long drive from Majunga, we stopped in a very local, but very clean hotel somewhere along the way. This should be where the blue-eyed lemur resides. Habitat We have arrived … Read more